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XL Premium Pregnancy Pillow with Teddy Fleece - Grey
XL Premium Pregnancy Pillow with Teddy Fleece - Pink
XL Premium Pregnancy Pillow with Teddy Fleece - Cream

XL Premium Pregnancy Pillow with Teddy Fleece

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Made in Australia, this multi-purpose XL pregnancy pillow is designed to provide optimal support for mums while carry that bundle of joy. Regardless of which position you prefer, this pillow will provide support, easing the tension in your neck, back and shoulder. It helps you breastfeed in a more comfortable way, without tiring out your arms. The pillow is easy to take anywhere – use it in your bed, on the couch, in a chair and even in the car.

These pillows come in a Teddy Fleece pillowcase has been lovingly crafted to make your bedroom extra cosy. Creating warmth and comfort for the perfect night’s sleep.. You’ll be able to use this pillow all through pregnancy as well as for post-natal use.

We believe everyone deserves great sleep, especially mums-to-be. Sleep can help boost your mental and physical wellbeing, from immunity to general mood, and the right pillow is your first step to your dream sleep. Wake up invigorated and motivated to get moving. Buy this cosy pregnancy pillow online and see why so many people love it!


  • - Washable Zipper Cover
  • Teddy Fleece pillowcase for extra warmth and comfort
  • - Soft and comfortable full length U Shape design
  • - Prevents Expecting Mums From Rolling onto their Back
  • - Double as a breastfeeding pillow
  • - Helps to improve the quality of the sleep
    Multi-purpose – can also be used as bed cushion for reading or as a boyfriend pillow!

Product Details:
Size: 140 x 80cm
Cover: Soft Teddy Fleece Cover
Filling: Premium Memory Resistant Polyester Filling
Support for neck, shoulders and back
Easy to bend and scrunch to adjust to desired positions
Multi-purpose – also can be used as bed cushion for reading and as a boyfriend pillow!
Made in Australia