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Does Colic Tea Actually Work??

Having a baby who is crying and fussing, and you have done all the usual things such as feeding, changing and ensuring all the usual steps have been taken may signify a baby has been suffering from colic. 

Sometimes, babies as young as a few days can cry and be upset for long periods of time. Even when parents do their best to calm their little ones, a baby with colic often needs a simple treatment to ease their discomfort, like a Colic Tea

What is Colic? Are Colic Teas Effective?

Pain or discomfort in the digestive system is often experienced from birth and can last up to four months, depending on the case.  

Children who are suffering from a case of colic can cry for prolonged periods without apparent reason, clench their fists, scream in pain, and generally seem unhappy when otherwise healthy and happy. 

In addition to an immature digestive system, milk sensitivity, and possibly indigestion, some medical professionals believe colic occurs in babies.

Colic Tea, which includes herbs and ingredients known to assist with the symptoms of colic, is often recommended to help soothe the symptoms of colic in babies. 

Colic Tea: How Does It Work?

It may seem like a short time with a crying and upset baby, but colic is often only a temporary condition. You can assist in reducing colic symptoms for babies by consuming organic and natural tea infused with beneficial ingredients while waiting for your baby to grow out of colic. 

In children and adults, colic tea can provide relief within a few days by reducing colic symptoms.

What is the time it takes for colic tea to work?

The reduction in symptoms will occur in babies within 2 to 3 days when consumed 1 cup a day up to 3 cups a day for maximum effect.

The benefits of colic tea are that it can be brewed and served hot or cold, meaning that busy mothers can choose a type of tea that suits their needs.

How safe is Colic Tea?

Colic Tea is 100% organic and natural, so children and mothers can use it without fear of side effects. Colic tea from Yo Mama Colic Tea was developed by a naturopath and is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free.  

Also, breastfeeding mothers can enjoy this caffeine-free tea from birth. 

Enjoy the benefits of colic tea by adding a spoonful of loose leaf tea to hot water.  Tea for colic and digestion discomfort is an easy and simple way to soothe babies' digestive discomfort.

Colic Tea - What Does It Contain?

The natural ingredients in the Colic Tea, such as Aniseed, Chamomile Flowers, Carraway Seeds and Fennel Seeds relieve infants' colic symptoms, soothe their stomachs, ease digestion, and calm their hearts. Colic Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold by busy mums,

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