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The Amazing Tummy Cream for Stretch Marks

You can decide to call them whatever you want, but truthfully, there is not a single woman that’s thrilled about her stretch marks. Sadly, that’s the annoying reality of life! Like the less-than-flattering knuckle hair complimented with facial hairs, as well as lowered metabolism. Yay! BabyCenter Australia reported that at least half of women are likely to get these scar-like marks that will be there to remind you of the pregnancy for a long, long time!

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With that in mind, can you guess what our #1 customer inquiries are always about? Do mums generally get stressed out about producing enough breast milk for their baby? Maybe they worry about the morning sickness and how long it will last? Or maybe implementing that nipple cream into their new skincare routine for their chapped nips? No, no, and no.  The number one concern expressed by Moms is always:

"How can I prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?"

We have gathered together the most popular questions you have asked us about our Stretch Mark Cream. You’ll find out everything you need to know!

Your Top Questions Answered: Stretch Mark Cream

Q: My pregnancy is still in its first trimester. I don't have any stretch marks yet, but I'm terrified of acquiring them as most of the women do! Can I start using your Stretch Mark Cream and Belly Oil right away or do I have to wait until they show up? (Zara Y.- Adelaide, SA)

A: Hello, Zara. Best wishes on your pregnancy! You can start utilising both of our products right away if you’d like! As the saying goes, the best treatment is prevention. It's never too early to start, especially with stretch marks skincare. We recommend using them in combination even after giving birth for additional care. Those marks will fade away with time, but using the right products can make the process go faster.

Q: I'm four months pregnant (first baby, I’m so excited!) and I’ve used your Stretch Mark Cream on a daily basis since day 1! I haven't noticed any stretch marks yet, but I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for other things I can do, or additional products I can use? I’m open for all suggestions. (Clare R- North Sydney, NSW))

A: Thank you for using our product, Clare! We’re happy to hear you find it useful! Women obtain stretch marks during pregnancy for a variety of reasons, one of which is a lack of hydration. Is there a simple solution? Make sure you get lots of water! During the hot summer months, pregnant women should drink at least 80 ounces of water every day! Make sure you massage the belly cream into your skin to improve blood circulation and skin elasticity!

Oh and, do you like lavender? Belly Oil is a pregnancy-safe stretch mark oil that you may also love using:) 

Q:  What causes an itching stomach while pregnant? Is it true that hot showers can cause it? (Taryn G.- Clarkson, WA)
A: Taryn, we fully agree! Hot baths and showers can cause dry skin, which can lead to scratching during pregnancy. Please don't scratch! Scratching your delicate expanding belly, breasts, and hips can easily tear them... To relieve irritation, gently tap your belly, use exfoliating gloves in the shower, or apply a moisturiser in the shower. If you can manage a lukewarm bath, oatmeal baths are also helpful. Another recommendation is to drink water and avoid caffeinated beverages to keep your body hydrated from the inside out.

Q: I'm expecting my second child and I am experiencing severe morning sickness. I'd like to use your Tummy Butter to treat stretch marks, but I'm afraid I'll get sick from it. What is the scent like? I’m worried it may be too strong. (Kelly F.- Hobart, TAS)
A: Kelly, you've asked an excellent question. Many pregnant mothers are understandably worried about using potentially nauseating scents in their pregnancy skincare routine. Many people say our Stretch Mark Cream smells like orange chocolate because it's infused with orange essential oils. 

Q: I gave birth four months ago and already have stretch marks on my tummy and thighs! I wish I had discovered your stuff sooner! Is it still possible for me to use your belly butter, will it have any effect? (Lela R- Chiswick, NSW)
A: Leila, we've got some amazing news for you. It's possible that it's not too late! If your stretch marks are new (purple/red-ish in colour and elevated), our Stretch Mark Cream for scars will undoubtedly aid in their healing and fading.

Q:  I'd want to ask you a quick question... I'm really excited to try the Stretch Mark Cream and I'm curious how long an 120mL container generally last? (Hayley H.- Fitzroy, Vic)

A: The quick answer is that it varies from woman to woman. How regularly do you apply? How much of the product do you put on at once? How many parts of your body are you covering each time and do you use it twice a day?If you're in the early stages of your pregnancy, I'd recommend the 120mL cream however, bear in mind that the cream is fantastic for stretch marks after childbirth, as well as for healing and fading C-section scars.

Q: Is your Stretch Mark Cream effective on ladies of all races and ethnicities? (Amber B.- Sturt, SA)

A: Yes, of course! Our Stretch Mark Cream is for everyone and everyBODY! It does not discriminate.

Leave a comment below if you have any stretch mark removal questions that I haven't answered here. Have an amazing week and a beautiful day, mums and future mums!-