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What is the Best Pregnancy Pillow in Australia?

We definetely understand that we are a little biased, however we want to discuss what is the best pregnancy pillow in Australia and why pregnancy brings about the need for such tools to help Australian mums get better sleep.

Women often experience a dip in their sleep habits during pregnancy. The growing belly, aches and pains as well as heartburn can make it difficult to get enough restful slumber before there's an infant at home waiting for you! 

New research suggests that women who don’t get enough sleep during pregnancy may have higher risks of developing complications. The most common being preeclampsia andgestational diabetes. Women also tend to deliver their babies sooner than expected as well as having a greater chance at needing an instrumental delivery (cesarean section).(John Hopkins)

Restless Legg Syndrome - Using the Best Pregnancy Pillow in Australia

the best pregnancy pillow australia for restless leg syndrome

The restless leg syndrome, an irresistible urge to move your legs when you’re sitting still and probably most common among older adults is also one of the reasons why pregnant women can't sleep at night. But don’t worry! This condition doesn't last forever; within just 1-2 weeks after giving birth it will start feeling better than ever before thanks in part due its silver lining--you won. However, during pregnancy there is always different tools to help you get better sleep. Let's explore some of the best pregnancy pillows.

Pregnancy Pillow to the Rescue? 

The best sleeping position during pregnancy is definitely side-sleeping. A pregnancy pillow is not only more comfortable but it also allows you to avoid waking up with back or stomach pains which can be common for people who sleep in those positions while non-pregnant, as well! But don't worry: if your preferred bedtime crush involves lots of pillows under his head (or her), then stay Put because there'll plenty enough support until term rolls around again with the pregnancy pillows we discuss. So let us explain the best types, and our own very best pregnancy pillow Australia.

the best pregnancy pillow australia, full body pregnancy pillow australia

The Best Pregnancy Pillow Australia? What to look for.

So, what are the best pregnancy pillows? Pillows come in all shapes and sizes, but how much room you're willing to give up is completely up-to you. Some women prefer a U shaped body pillow that hugs them from behind while others might want something more straight forward like an old school pregnancy pillow with no curves at all! Some of the main types are;

  1. Butterfly maternity pillow,

  2. Fully Body Pillow (these are mostly the term used for each type),

  3. U Shaped, side sleeping Pregnancy Pillow,

  4. C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow,

  5. Wedge Pregnancy Pillows

No matter what type suits your needs best make sure it is reviewed and seen as comfortable before buying because once these things start giving out on top of being expensive ,(especially those suede ones,) trialing them during aches and pains isn't always fun.

When planning to sleep on your side with your full body pregnancy pillow, it is important that the support pillow helps both neck and spine in order for you to not wake up uncomfortable. One other factor which should be considered before purchasing a new body support pillow: If you often switch sides during night (and planing continue doing so) then the U shaped/ adjustable pregnancy pillow will give you no need to readjust all night when you turn. The material can also make difference; if you're running warm you may prefer cotton instead of polyester.

c shaped best pregnancy pillow australia , for aches and pains with washable cover

The Pregnancy Pillowco Australia - Our Best Pregnancy Pillow for You

We are dedicated to providing the best quality products for pregnant women, especially pregnancy pillows in Australia. Our company has been testing our maternity pillows and other items on behalf of expectant mums since 2009, so that they can be sure about their purchase decision before making it! We have our best seller, the high-quality best pregnancy pillow Australia, and all way down to stretch mark creams or maternity oils - whatever you need when you're excpecting.

Maternity is not just something people do; It's  an exciting time in one’s life.Being Australian owned and operated with our warehouses in the USA and Australia, we are perfectly set up to ship your pregnancy pillow quickly, so you don't have to wait. Our pregnancy pillows and products are designed to make each moment - pregnant or not – pleasurable, effective and pleasing.

fulll boday, machine washable best pregnancy pillow australia

Pregnancy Pillow : What We Have On Offer.

If you are experiencing back pain, are pregnant and in need of a good U shaped pregnancy pillow, for support and comfort, please jump onto our main pregnancy pillow Australia page or checkout the best pregnancy pillow here.